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23. Januar, 2022, 10-15h Alexander Technique Workshop with Tara Sullivan
5 spaces left

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For those who don’t know Alexander Technique, I would encourage at least a passive participation in this class. The passive participation includes group breath work and circle singing at the beginning of the workshop. Observing others learning is efficient learning!

Any other students with whom I have addressed body awareness, posture or unnecessary tension — I guess that’s everyone 🙂 — please consider singing in this workshop!

A professional accompanist will play for you as you present a memorized piece. Tara will observe and adjust your posture. Her impulses are subtle yet clear and will support the technical work we do in our lessons. I personally never cease to experience new awareness of my voice in revelatory ways when working with an Alexander teacher like Tara.

Tara Sullivan, soprano, has been a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1998. She is also an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and specializes in teaching movement and breathing from a wholistic perspective that includes all the senses as well as anatomically correct body mapping.

Workshop cost 80€
Passive participation 10€
Students 60€


6. February, 2022 Student Concert, 18h
8 spaces left

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Students of every level are welcome at this concert and will be chosen for participation according to their level of preparation. Pieces must be memorized and an extra session with the accompanist may be required in the weeks prior to the concert.

Repertoire subject to approval.

10€ participation fee




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